Analytics and Insight

Astuteo excels at developing professional websites and content, but these are just stops on the way to our final destination – exponentially growing your digital revenue. We accomplish this by using Google Analytics to answer questions like:

  • What keyword searches are bringing customers to your website? How many of these searches turn into leads?
  • Do certain pages on your website generate more brochure downloads than others?
  • How does the ROI of your email marketing compare to your banner ads?
  • Which gets more customers to submit a lead form on a product page – longer descriptions or short bullet-points?
  • Did that discount email entice new customers or just existing clients?
  • Should you dedicate a higher percentage of your marketing budget to paid search?
  • Is social media worth the time and effort for your company?

These results help us find new sources of potential buyers and identify ways to increase leads coming from existing channels. Astuteo's Solution Sheets provide an overview of our analysis and describe detailed steps your marketing and sales team can take to act on this data.

Tailoring Google Analytics to You

We lay the foundation for accurate, insightful digital marketing analysis. Data from your website and digital marketing campaigns are neatly organized in Google Analytics, with noise filtered out. This approach allows your team to act on precise data without wading through the technical intricacies of proper implementation.

  • Clean Incoming Data
    We highlight the traffic from, and actions of, your target market.

  • Measurement of All Relevant Clicks
    Certain actions on your website (such as pdf downloads or video views) are more complicated to count and measure. We ensure that all valuable interactions by visitors are accounted for within Google Analytics.

  • Marketing Campaign Integration
    Your display ads, emails and paid search campaigns are seamlessly integrated into your Google Analytics account.

Tracking and Presenting Data that Matters

Virtually anything can be measured using Google Analytics. We’ll eliminate this rat’s nest of numbers; pulling metrics that directly influence your revenue to the forefront and filtering out spurious data.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    We identify specific metrics that, if improved upon, will increase the likelihood of a website visitor turning into a qualified lead.

  • Revenue Tied to Actions
    Using your sales and lead generation data, we tie exact dollar values to actions visitors take on your website (known as goals). These include – completing a form for an on-site demonstration, calling a sales representative, or downloading a specific PDF.

  • Goal-Focused Dashboards
    Information regarding your KPIs and goals are consolidated in easy-to-read reports and automatically exported from Google Analytics on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and emailed to key decision makers.

Turning Data into Practical Marketing Insights

We use our years of experience working with and within B2B marketing teams to turn data into maps to your corporate goals. We’ll provide your marketing team with precise, actionable steps they can take to improve your KPIs, and in-turn, your overall revenue.

  • Informed Analysis of Ad Buys
    We’ll provide vital information about paid and unpaid channels leading to your website, then use this information to suggest budget changes that will increase your ROI.

  • Performance Benchmarks
    KPIs are trended over time to establish rough baseline measurements. These initial benchmarks are then used to develop target values for each KPI in one-quarter, six months and one year.

If you choose to partner with Astuteo, we will develop and deliver these data-driven initiates – supplementing your existing marketing staff with an unmatched work ethic and knowledge of digital B2B marketing.

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