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Web-Driven Growth for Best-in-Class Manufacturers

Analytics and Insight

Astuteo empowers you to make smarter, data-driven marketing decisions that grow your revenue and your reputation.

Web Design

With credibility, class, and an engaging user experience, Astuteo establishes your company as the one to beat.

Content Strategy

Astuteo transforms your industry know-how into content that pulls in more visitors and turns them into qualified leads.

How We Work

We use data, design, and a relentless work ethic to connect your company to more digital customers. Our expertise, combined with insight into your target audience, products and sales process, allows us to drive initiatives that turn your website and marketing channels into lead generation machines. At Astuteo, our process:

  • Eliminates common administrative and budgetary roadblocks
  • Connects revenue to your marketing strategy
  • Creates websites that command “Best-in-Class” position
  • Develops unique content to establish and nurture relationships
  • Leverages the knowledge of your account reps in the field
  • Captures data, analyzes results, and reports on performance

Our partnership will meet the tallest order and deliver measurable results every month. Lets thrive together.

Meet Our Team

Matt Everson, Design and Development
Matt Everson
Design and Development
Jack Borgo, Analytics and Content Strategy
Jack Borgo
Analytics and Content Strategy
Consistently Recognized by Leaders in Design and Business
Inc. Magazine, .net magazine, Communication Arts

“Astuteo is the change agent that will undoubtedly transition your thinking from present to future tense – where it belongs.”

Grant Nesheim – President, Johnson Industries International

Optimizing Website Traffic in a Long Sales-Cycle

Manufacturers, for whom the researching phase can be the bulk of a long sales-cycle, risk losing customers if they force visitors to behave like they’re looking at a Xbox One rather than a vital component of their processes. These organizations must break the mold and adapt their website to suit Researchers.

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